"Churning" Butter

 This school year we are reading all of the Little House on the Prairie books aloud.
We explored the science of churning butter.
I wasn't sure boys would enjoy these books as much as Nicole did but they love all the adventure in the stories.  The next book we will read is Farmer Boy which I am sure will be their favorite:)


Co-op Christmas

Just a random shot of our Homeschool Co-op Christmas Party!

The boys have enjoyed co-op and we hate to leave the friends we have made there.


In my yard....

One of my favorite things at our house!
It makes me smile:)
There is a definate chill in the air of late.......
I am not looking forward to winter! 


A Super-Man (to be!)

Busy Town....

Noah & Lowly the Worm @ the Mall in town


LEGO Hobbit Movie


This was created by Nathan!
The boys bought me the Hobbit House for my birthday so that I could create a mini garden with them.  He has not watched the movies, he just made his own:)